The Agilis Audiogram is easy to use for adults and children. It requires no training.

The test algorithm automatically re-tests unusual results and provides extra detail if sharp hearing loss is detected.

Results are easy to store and manage. You can share results with family or with your doctor if desired.

Why do we need a mobile hearing test?

Because it's hard (and expensive) to get people to the hospital for a normal test.

1. For kids:
Unidentified hearing issues are a strong driver of chronic underperformance at school. 

2. For workplace health and safety:
Most industrial workplaces need to monitor the hearing health of their employees to help maintain safe work environments.
Managing records is also important for worker's compensation and liability. With the Agilis software you can track when an employer is liable for employee hearing damage - and when it's not.

3. For the military: 
Identifying hearing loss is an operational necessity. In addition, hearing is the #1 most common injury that the armed forces need to deal with. The VA already spends over $1Bn per year on hearing health.

Conventional audiometry is important and will remain a staple of hearing health efforts, but a effective mobile alternative is urgently needed.

Conventional audiograms are required for detailed diagnostic work - but quality audiometry is too hard to access for front-line use. Patients usually need to travel to a major medical center and the cost per audiogram can be prohibitive for many users.

For example:

  • Most school districts can think of better uses of limited funds than spending hundreds of dollars for every child for an annual hearing test. A mobile audiogram can screen populations and send to the ENT only those patients that need it most.
  • Worker downtime to visit a major medical center is an unacceptable cost to many industrial firms, even if they have their own medical resources.
  • Current policy requires that thousands of soldiers must be shipped to medical centers for annual audiograms even while all other routine health tests can be brought to where the soldiers are stationed. 

A reliable and verified mobile audiogram provides an efficient screening tool, identifying at low cost the patients, kids, workers and soldiers who require the attention of a specialist.

A quiet environment is required for an accurate mobile hearing test: Outdoors at the refugee camp is not ideal!

A quiet environment is required for an accurate mobile hearing test: Outdoors at the refugee camp is not ideal!